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Improve your due date performance coupled with reduced inventory across the supply chain!

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Manage your inventory more efficiently; avoid shortages as well as access inventory problems.

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Get your Organization assessed with one of TOC’s leading thinkers and implementers.

In a short duration of 1-2 weeks Yagna Team will scan your organization and its ecosystem and will accomplish what most consultants fail to deliver in months. They will not only challenge your assumptions, they will make you think “Out of the Box” and expand your thinking. By the end of assessment the will create a buy-in with you and your leadership team on the core cause of the current problems that your company is facing and the direction of the solution with quantified potential that your company has, without any increase in investment or operating expenses and without taking any risks.

Yagna Team has solid hands-on experience in turning around the organizations. They have been working closely in manufacturing and project management environments applying the principles of The Goal for more than a decade.

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Though Yagna strongly believes that every company has the potential to earn much more throughput from the existing investment but still it necessarily insists on conducting assessment before embarking on TOC Implementation journey.

It not only creates a buy-in on the problems and the direction of solution but also confirms that there is a good enough business case for the both the parties to move to the next step of Adoption. 

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