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“When we collaborated with Yagna, it was hard for us to believe in Yagna’s claim that it was possible for us to grow without taking any risk, i.e., without investing any new money into the system. We always followed a traditional approach where we focused on expansion for growth. Our firm at that time was also facing challenges like high lost sales and a higher attrition rate. 

But with Yagna’s intervention, we learned how to identify and exploit the constraint in our manufacturing plant. We were successfully exposed to 100% additional (hidden) capacity, and we started production consistently within 3 weeks. There was an increase in throughput per week by 12% and improved inventory turnover from 7 to 8, among few other significant achievements.”


“Losma India decided to embark on a business improvement journey with Yagna in 2019. The firm before that faced challenges like long lead time, inability to constantly meet the due date, frequent changes in the production schedule, and component unavailability. The firm was hit by variability from all fronts – suppliers, customers, and internal and lack of visibility.

Yagna’s intervention with the firm was focused on three aspects,
  • Increasing output from existing capacity without any additional investment
  • Planning and execution mechanism
  • Weekend scorecard

The involvement with Yagna brought firm results like an increase in sales by 90%, implementation of a simple method to increase production from existing capacity and clear visibility on what and how much to procure, produce, and the associated priority.”


“We collaborated with Yagna for over two years. The team during the tenure helped us overcome some of the chronic challenges like stagnant sales, undesirable due date performance, long lead time, and poor cash flow.

Together, in the first 90 days of implementation, we reduced the production lead time by over 40% from 3-4 months to 6-8 weeks and reduced the delays in deliveries from 6-7 months to 4-5 months.

The team also implemented a robust planning mechanism and corresponding dashboard by customizing our ERP, which synchronized everyone’s action in the organization leading to high visibility and an increase in flow by 30%.

In the first year of implementation, the firm experienced a gain of 1.5 times followed by an increase 1.7 times in the following year.”

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“Despite having good control over operations, as reflected in our fast and on-time delivery performance, we faced challenges like spending significant time performing senior-level reviews. We also struggled with employee measurement methods as our multi-parameter measurement system did not align with the company’s ultimate goal. We also felt a need to increase sales efficiency.

With Yagna’s intervention, we identified the firm’s constraints within a month, which helped our CEO and senior management team only focus on critical activities that mattered.

We were also successful in bringing down the internal improvement project time from 4 months to 4 weeks and gained an understanding of how to organize and run sales function.”

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“At the time of collaboration with Yagna, our Project business was facing various challenges, such as long lead time, low on-time delivery, rampant firefighting, quality complaints, lack of full kit of material and low visibility of project status.

After working in collaboration with Yagna’s team, we successfully overcame the undesirable effects in our processes and experienced full-flowing benefits in our project business. We successfully increased our project sales by 60% year-on-year basis, product sales by a 30% year-on-year basis, and the overall throughput increased by 70%.”