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Operations Management

The typical problems faced in the manufacturing environment are as below:

  1. Poor due-date performance
  2. Long Lead Time
  3. High Inventories
  4. Fire-fighting on the shop floor
  5. Frequent changes in the production plan
  6. Poor Cash Flow
  7.  Too many customer complaints


Yagna follows the principles of the Theory of Constraints. It delivers fast and sustainable results using the same existing resources.

The 3V ingredients:
(Tame indiscriminate) Variety +
(Protect against inherent) Variability +
(Alleviate lack of) Visibility

The 3 Vs impact the flow in every system. The result is high inventory in the system which impedes smooth flow.
The 3M ingredients

The 3M ingredients

Yagna follows an Implementation Discipline through The 3Ms:

The 3M ingredients:
Methods +
Measures +

request for assessment

Though Yagna strongly believes that every company has the potential to earn much more throughput from the existing investment but still it necessarily insists on conducting assessments before embarking on the TOC Implementation journey.

It not only creates a buy-in on the problems and the direction of the solution but also confirms that there is a good enough business case for both the parties to move to the next step of Adoption.

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